8pm  Friday 20th January 2017
EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT           []       125mins
CIRO GUERRA  (Columbia/Venezuala/Aregentina 2015)
Nilbio Torres, Jan Bijvoet, Antonio Bolivar

Lewes Film ClubA breathtaking journey through the Columbian Amazon following the interwoven stories of two European explorers; one in the early 1900's the other 40 years later. Shot in mesmerising monochrome, the film's rich visual texture captures the devastating results of colonialism on the Amazon's indigenous people. Full of visual flair, haunting mysticism and moral conviction, Embrace of The Serpent is by turns astonishing and terrifyingly ferocious; both a hypnotically beautiful ode to life in the Amazon and a searing critique of the harrowing effects of colonialism.

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