8pm  Friday 17th February 2017
THE HERE AFTER           [15]       102 mins
MAGNUS VON HORN  (Poland/Sweden 2015)
Ulrik Munther, Mats Blomgren, Alexander Nordgren

Lewes Film ClubScreened to acclaim at Cannes 2015 this is a feature debut by Swedish filmmaker Magnus von Horn. Shot on film by Ida cinematographer Lucasz Zal, itís a taut, chilly and morally complex drama following John, a teenager who, after being released from youth detention to his father, finds it difficult to rebuild his life as heís still ostracised by this classmates and the wider community for his crime. Drip-feeding information to the audience, von Horn slowly ratchets up the tension to give us a rewarding emotional payoff; aided by powerful performances (particularly from Ulrik Munther as the inscrutable, traumatised John) and rigorously controlled direction, making The Here After a sophisticated debut from a new filmmaker to watch.

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