8pm  Friday 17th March 2017
LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP          [U]       92 mins
WHIT STILLMAN  (Ireland/Netherlands/France 2016)
Kate Beckinsale, ChloŽ Sevigny, Tom Bennett, Morfydd Clark

Lewes Film ClubIn 18th century England, beautiful but devious widow Lady Susan takes up temporary residence at her in-lawsí estate where she sets about securing her financial future. But her plans are thwarted by the surprise arrival of her daughter Frederica, forcing Lady Susan to devise an unscrupulous scheme that she hopes will secure a marriage partner for her and her daughter. A clever and funny film in which Stillman uses the device of intertitles as witty introductions to the characters. Hilarious performances by Beckinsale and Bennett. Filmed on location in Ireland using some mouth watering stately homes Lady Susan is based on one of Jane Austen's early novels, not published until after her death, and with some obviously 'modern' additions in the script!

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