Audience Reaction

Lewes Film Club wants to know what you think of the films you come to see.

With your ticket you will get an "audience reaction slip". This is for you to rate the film in one of five categories from Excellent to Poor.

The audience reaction slip is very easy: at the end of the film, as you come out, just tear the slip at the point on the scale which represents your view, and hand it back to a committee member. (No pen needed!)

This, along with comments from members, helps the Film Club pick the films for the next season.

Click here for previous seasons. There is a chart for each of the recent seasons. Each chart shows the highest rated film on the left and the lowest on the right. The red bar represents those who said the film was "excellent" or "very good", the cream bar those who said it was "good" which is our middle category and the blue bar is those who said it was "average" or "poor". Numbers in brackets after the title are the number of people who attended the showing.

The current season's films are shown on the home page with the % who said each was excellent or very good.

You can also give verbal comments to film club committee members on the night!

Thanks for your feedback. It really is appreciated.